About the National Cancer Bannerthon

Why Participate?

Cancer Bannerthon Display
Create a Unique Display for your Cancer Survivors Week Event!
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Create Cancer Awareness
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Cancer Bannerthon

Why should you participate?

One in four South African’s are affected by cancer due to diagnosis of family friends or self. According to the National Cancer registry more than 100 000 South Africans are diagnosed with cancer every year. The South African cancer survivor rate is 6 out of 10.

What is International Cancer Survivors Day about?

International Cancer Survivors’ Day is celebrated during the first week of June, and acknowledges the courageous individuals who have fought cancer and survived. To visually recognise these individuals and International Cancer Survivors’ Day the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) is encouraging all businesses to support their new CANSA Survivors Business Bannerthon from 1 – 6 June to join all other companies that will put up their Banners for a week. International Cancer Survivors day is on the 5th June.

How does it work?

This initiative challenges all South African company’s to purchase a 100 meter long 600mm wide plastic banner, that can be cut up into sections, to attach this bright banner to their perimeter fences, balconies and staircases inside and outside for a week or more commencing on the 1st of June.

The colourful banner is printed with the slogan “Supporting the fight against cancer” and has the two colour pink and blue ribbon to indicate that all cancers are important.


Most people have seen the large red ribbon plastic banner attached to company’s perimeter fences & balconies in the first week of December. The objective being to create awareness for World AIDS day and raise money for AIDS orphans.

Benefits to your Staff

The CANSA Bannerthon concept works the same. A percentage of each Banner sold to companies is donated to CANSA to help them fund their ongoing cancer risk reduction research and care and support programmes. Thanks to these efforts and the awareness campaigns for early detection, cancer is not always a death sentence and there are a growing amount of brave cancer survivors who need to be recognised.

The Challenge

Now all businesses can help create awareness and recognise cancer survivors by putting up a CANSA banner and thereby being a part of the CANSA Bannerthon. To help get the critical mass necessary to create a visual impact we ask each new participant in the CANSA Bannerthon to challenge another 3 companies in their location to do the same. In this way you can be the innovators in your area. Imagine every company with a CANSA banner on their perimeter fence. Imagine a world without cancer.

Length Price* VAT Total
100 meters R5 650.00 R847.50 R6 497.50
200 meters R9 340.00 R1 401.00 R10 741.00
300 meters R13 170.00 R1 975.00 R15 145.50
500 meters R19 200.00 R2 880.00 R22 080.00
1000 meters R30 050.00 R4 507.50 R34 557.50
* Including delivery