About the National AIDS Week / World AIDS Day Bannerthon

Why Participate?

Create a unique World AIDS Day display
Create a Unique Display for your AIDS Day / AIDS Week Event!

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Be Part of the Create a unique World AIDS Day Campaign!
Be Part of the World AIDS Day / National AIDS Week Campaign!
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Have a photo of your event on our Annual Calendar!
Have a photo of your event on our Annual Calendar!
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Receive a World AIDS Day Certificate of Recognition
Receive a Certificate of Recognition
Support AIDS Orphans on World AIDS Day
Support AIDS Orphans on World AIDS Day!
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2019 Bannerthon


The World AIDS Day / National AIDS Week Business Bannerthon is well recognised by its eye catching displays over World AIDS Day. Over the last 16 years 2000 different companies have participated and over R 6 million has been raised for AIDS Orphans. Many companies such as Discovery and Investec and many well known and less known companies have been loyal supporters that have participated each year since the event began. Discovery has participated for 12 consecutive years and always has an eye catching display at their office in Johannesburg that has attracted a lot of attention from both passers by and employees.

Benefit to Companies who participate during World AIDS Day

  1. Create public & staff awareness for World AIDS Day and
    for 1-2 weeks thereafter
  2. Use it as an opportunity to get staff to have an HIV test
  3. Raise money for AIDS orphans
  4. Be acknowledged for participating by receiving a certificate of recognition
  5. Be part of a competition to create the most clever and eye catching displays
  6. Receive an A2 Calendar with the best winning display photos

AIDS/HIV infection statistics

  1. There are still 1233 new HIV infections per day – that is the equivalent of 3 x 400 passenger Jets each day !! That equates to half a million new infections per year in South Africa alone. Less people die in wars in a year.
  2. There are still 487 AIDS related deaths per day – even with anti retroviral drugs.

World AIDS Day Goal

Our goal has always been to get over a 1000 companies to participate in one year over World AIDS Day / AIDS Week, but we cannot do that without the help of companies deciding to take part and challenging other companies to do the same. In this way participation will grow geometrically one company challenges 2 companies who all in turn challenge 2 companies. So 2 becomes 4 becomes 8 becomes 16 and before long it becomes a 1000 companies displaying AIDS Banners on World AIDS Day and National AIDS Week in December and making a contribution to AIDS orphans.

What has your company planned for this World AIDS Day?

Do something worthwhile – Join the National AIDS Day / AIDS Week Business Bannerthon

For only R7672.20 ( ex vat including delivery ) you can purchase 100 metres of plastic Banner to surround your ground and make a difference.

Contact us or more information

100 metersR6 730.00R1 009.50R7 739.50
200 metersR11 130.00R1 669.50R12 799,50
300 metersR15 720.00R2 358.00R18 078.00
500 metersR22 925.00R3 438.75R26 363.75
1000 metersR35 800.00R5 370.00R41 170.00
* Including delivery