About the National Bannerthons

National Bannerthons
  • The National Bannerthons encourages South African businesses to “surround their ground” with a 100m banner in support of social causes such as the fight against HIV/AIDS, Cancer and TB The National Bannerthons is well recognised by its eye catching displays over World AIDS Day, National Cancer Survivors Week, TB Week, World Health Day and Healthy Heart/Lifestyle Week.

  • The National Bannerthons idea has appealed to the concerned yet competitive spirit of South African businesses, thus evoking their need to be involved in a meaningful challenge to support the fight against AIDS, Cancer, TB and to promote a Healthy Lifestyle.

  • The launch of the first AIDS week Bannerthon took place in 2001. The concept was developed to get the business community to visibly show their solidarity and support in the war against AIDS whilst simultaneously raising money for AIDS orphans.
  • This is achieved through many businesses participating in a novel and highly visible “Bannerthon” conceptualised to create visibility and awareness of the Annual International AIDS Week. Companies surround their grounds with at least 100 meters of 800mm wide Banner Roll printed with the latest Aids Day slogan and new design.

  • Participants are encouraged to participate in a “Bannerthon Challenge”. By doing so, participants make a meaningful monetary contribution towards helping the victims of this pandemic – namely AIDS orphans

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